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The Hidden Sacrifices of SEO

Optimizing a website to rank among the top hits in relevant web searches requires the proper use and placement of relevant keywords. But sometimes creating or redesigning a search-engine-optimized website requires the sacrifice of important visuals that can help sell a product, push forward an idea with the public, or get people in the door.

pic1At times, it may be best for a company or organization to forgo a completely search engine optimized text-based website in order to appeal more to those individuals looking at the website. Ideally, both the quantity of relevant viewers on a site and the quality of the site itself should be maximized. However, this may prove to be a dichotomous relationship in which some sacrifice must be made, one way or the other. Below are some challenges facing  SEO website:

Limited Flash and SEO:

Search engine spiders generally do not recognize relevant keywords found on Flash websites. Although recent technology allows some search engines to pick up some textual information from Flash components, it is much safer, for SEO, to skip Flash components and stick with text-based websites.

pic2For businesses and organizations looking to impress, Flash components may be important to tip the scales against competitors. Technology businesses in particular may need websites that outshine competing technology businesses. Well-constructed Flash websites can be quite impressive and may show potential customers who the most technologically advanced business in town is. On the other hand, if no one can find the website because of its poor SEO, there is little point to having the best website in town.

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